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Greetings beloveds….

Covid has stripped us of a lot of things, and the gift of gathering is one of them.  My long awaited album, Fertile Darkness, came to completion just as the doors of the Covid world closed around us all, so the concerts planned to share the music and medicine of the album have been cancelled.

I have done a few online offerings, but find them to be sterile and painful.  I miss the presence of your bodies, the heat of your blood, the curiosity of your gaze, and the incredible gift of seeing and feeling you soften as the music unfurls its magic in the space that we all create together.  I miss being together, and life online is empty and utterly painful for me in it’s stead.  It’s not enough.  And I am not participating in it.

The album is here for you, to support and hold and carry you through the madness and intensity of the times.  Go towards it.  Let it counsel, guide, and nourish you as you find your way through the initiation of the times.  Life will not be outlawed, but we will have to be wise and cunning in how we transform this moment from the fear-based restriction of lockdown and “mitigation measures” to the more beautiful possibility ready to be brought to life in this world.


So for now, I have no new events to offer.  Sign up for my mailing list and follow me on social media to stay connected with what I will be doing and offering as the times unfold their strange magic.

“They tried to bury us: they didn’t realize that we are seeds.” ~ Mexican proverb.

More to come