The Art of Soulful Living Podcast and Mentoring

The Art of Soulful Living is a podcast wherein we explore the cultivation of consciousness and the deepening of soul through wisdom teachings, story, songs, poetry, and more.  A feast for the mind, heart, and soul, this podcast is an offering from the depths of my being to the essence of yours.  Dive in with me: let’s explore.

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Intro from the website:

Hello and welcome. My name is Maitreya Wolf.

Born a natural mystic, the life of the soul has always held my rapt attention. It is the home of all truth and the greatest beauty of the phenomenon of living for me, and it is this realm into which we will journey in these windows of time together. Story, song, and wisdom teaching will be the vessel of our exploration here. The cultivation of consciousness, the deepening of wisdom, and the full embodiment of soul is our aspiration. Attention and curiosity are our gear.

Take a deep breath and dive in. Together we will explore and deepen into the Art of Soulful Living.

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