Maitreya Wolf is a woman of extraordinary and diverse talent and passion whose common thread is clear, consistent, and beautiful: the life of the soul.

Born to Kate Gallagher in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Boston, MA, Maitreya grew up spending her time between the rich culture of Boston, the alternative world of the Montessorri school of her childhood, and the desert outback of northwestern Arizona where she rode horses every summer for much of her childhood and teen years.  Weave all of this with a long stint in the children’s chorus at the New England Conservatory of Music where she developed her signature voice by singing renaissance era Latin hymns in an old wooden concert hall, and you start to get a feeling for how a vast array of influences shaped her already old soul throughout the course of her young life.

Discovering psychedelics at age 15 blew open the doors of her relationship with herself and the world, turning her attention away from formal schooling and deep into the spiritual dimension of Life and the living world.  Discovering dancing in the rave scene at 17 deepened that shift towards the life of the body as a vehicle for the flourishing of the soul and served to send her on a path that could easily be described as “unique”.  Rejecting the expected path of school/higher education/career, Maitreya instead let her body, her instincts, her art, and her love of freedom, independence, self-expression, and the life of the soul to guide her on journeys of direct and raw experience of the world beyond the trap of human society.  This of course sometimes led to incredible hardship, but also and always to wonder, and in the face of all blessings and challenges this has always been her course.

A trauma at the age of 29 shattered her life and sense of self, but also brought with it an incredible blessing that would unfold into a central element of her being in the years to follow: it set “the song of her soul” free.  This song has carried her through a long and demanding initiation into the fullness of her humanity, and is now shared on her first studio album, Fertile Darkness (available on Bandcamp, Apple Music, and Spotify), as well as in her many faceted offerings that are all designed to bring people into deep relationship with their soul as a path to empowerment. Alongside her incredible musical gift, Maitreya is a talented and engaging storyteller, poet, and wisdom teacher, pieces she deftly weaves together in her concerts, classes, workshops, podcast, video blog, wisdom talks, healing work, and counseling.

Maitreya Wolf is a woman on a mission.  She is here to support this worlds transformation into a greater order of beauty and has spent the bulk of her years cultivating her capacity to be a trustworthy and reliable ally to any and everyone on the path of embodying their souls unique purpose in this life.  It is Maitreyas deepest wish to see everyone in the fullness of their radiance and power, and her deepest joy to support whoever she can in stepping into that.

As she so often says, “You are the only you there will ever be: never before and never again in all of creation have you existed just as you are, and you are incredibly beautiful, powerful, and important to the life of the world.  So tell your story.  Sing your song.  Live your truth.  Be who you are without fear and without apology.  It is needed, wanted, loved, important, and gorgeous.”

Dive in with her and let your own soul open in its fullness.


Music: https://maitreyawolf.bandcamp.com/

The Art of Soulful Living podcast: https://anchor.fm/theartofsoulfulliving

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqaltoxtDEBgib6j94dthjg