The Art of Soulful Living

The Art of Soulful Living is a new podcast through which I share wisdom, story, songs, poetry, and more for the purpose of supporting our collective deepening into a more beautiful and soulful way of Being here in the world.

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Intro from the website:
It is a common condition in modern American society that people are hungering for a deeper experience of Life. Living in a society that exalts the material above all things in perverse and corrupted ways, this hunger is understandable. In this situation we find ourselves drawn taut between societies twisted imperatives and the imperatives of our own deeper nature. .
How can we use our own experiences to initiate ourselves into the territory of true adulthood? How do we bridge the gap and create lives of soulfulness and beauty in the midst of a world so desperately deranged as this one? How do we reconcile these discrepancies so that we may live a life of beauty and participate in the creation of a more beautiful world for all life? How do we use our own experiences to deepen into the soulfulness that is so ready to birth through each of us into the world? .
In this podcast I will explore these questions and more. Through storytelling, musing, music, poetry, and whatever else arises as relevant to the task we will journey together into the Art of Soulful Living so as to bring ourselves more fully alive as empowered co-creators of the collective story on earth at this time. .
Thank you for joining me! I pray that there is nourishment for you in what I share.
Check it out, subscribe, and share it around.  I look forward to connecting more deeply!